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our team members

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to begin - how do I get started?

Simply click the order now button and submit your payment. We will be in touch with our discovery questionnaire.

Your dedicated project manager will be available via email, and will keep you posted on all progress.

What if I don't like the video?

Once you have the first draft of the video, you will be able to make rounds of animation changes free of charge, based on your video package.

If after that you are still unhappy you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

How long is the production process?

Our videos typically take between 3-7 weeks depending on your chosen video style and length. The varying timeframe also depends on how well our two teams communicate and the number of revisions required for each stage.

How long should my video be?

That all depends on your video goals. In general, the shorter the better - especially when advertising on social media platforms.

We aim to maximise every second of your video to make it a compact sales machine.

Below 30 seconds is ideal for driving traffic and below 90 seconds is the sweet spot for converting visitors on your website.

Can I talk to someone first?

Of course! Simply book a call with us here or send us a message and we will answer any questions you may have.

How will we communicate?

We are a digital company that operates online only.  We will use Google Workspace to collaborate and keep you updated, also for feedback.

We are also slowly adopting Asana and are happy to add you to our workspace.

If you'd like us to communicate on any other medium, we are happy to do so!

Can you help me once the video is complete?

Of course if you need assistance with anything regarding your video, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Can the process be faster?

We can make that happen, however we will need to check with the team and a rush-fee will be incurred.

What can I fit into 30 seconds?

A 30 second script is 75 words, which we break up into 3 sections.  

Problem Definition > Solution> Call To Action. 

If you want to make your video longer during production, we can expand the length and budget with your approval.

Can I write my own script?

You can provide us with your own script and we can do the rest.  Please contact us first.

Can I get a longer than a 30 second video?

Sure can!

If you order multiple 30 second packages, and can combine them into 1 video.

Or you can spread those seconds across multiple videos. Just be sure to mention it in the questionnaire how your would like to use your seconds

For Example: one long video or multiple short videos etc.

Let's Start Your Video!

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